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Katherine Sandoz

Katherine Sandoz captures color the way a lepidopterist captures a butterfly, the elegant catch and release. She’s comfortable with the fleeting, the jouncy, the scary mysterious. Her work spans many disciplines, but all of it feels stolen from a dream. Beneath the seemingly unruly surfaces of Sandoz’ work, one finds evidence of the fields, fjords, forests and their inhabitants she studies so assiduously. As in nature, Sandoz’ palette and application show reserve and ebullience simultaneously. The analyst and the artisan create a pas de deux on the canvas. With her primary studio a 1940 red barn in Vernonburg, Georgia, Sandoz often works collaboratively, off-site and on creative teams worldwide. sandoz’ paintings and fiber-based works have exhibited internationally. She also creates portraits, art and installations for private clients as well as for fashion, contemporary culture and lifestyle brands. She contributes to magazines and online blogs with her quirky illustrations and writing. Throughout the year, she also advocates for arts education and public art.

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