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Lisa M. Robinson

I make photographs to explore metaphysical questions that deepen our human experience.  My work explores issues of time and space, presence in absence, and the nature of life by manifesting connections between opposing ideas or extremes: the past and the present, light and dark, land and water, movement and stillness, emotion and intellect. 


Using a 4x5 view camera is a slow and intentional process that links me through time and space with my photographic predecessors, and physically connects me to the spaces I photograph.  The formations and spaces converging through my lens are flattened in the field of my ground glass. Just as the land extends without boundaries, these images stretch the eye and imagination beyond the frame.  There is a subtle tension between what is present, and what cannot be seen or touched.  Evocations of painting, sculpture, and music expand the photograph to touch the unknown, and dance with the mysterious.

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