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Mike Williams

Mike Williams’s interest in fish, fishing, and the habitats where fish may be found, has been the primary subject of his work throughout his career.  His vibrant and bold abstract paintings are expressionistic and loose, with a palette that ranges widely from earth tones to pure cadmium colors.  At times, however, focus shifts and Williams’s work takes a more representational turn.  While the choice of subject matter reflects his love of nature and fishing, the actual artwork - whether paintings or sculptures - reveals the enthusiasm with which he works.  A great love of music manifests itself in the lyrical quality of his compositions where his subjects assume ever-shifting forms.  

“My paintings of wetland environments preserve a sense of this place through ever-shifting, evocative compositions, and the formal exploration of paint. My fish paintings and sculptures manifest as iconic figures of my imagination, experiences fishing, and my physical capabilities as an artist.  I strive to keep my work fresh and original, changing like the light of day, ensuring it conveys a sense of soul, intuition, and duty.”

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